Top 100 Vizes of Q4 2010: Wide, Wild and Worldwide

em Janeiro 21, 2011

The top 100 vizes of Q4 2010 are in! Gizmodo took the top spot with its viz on supply chain costs for smartphones including the iPhone. The #2 went to for a viz on a generational shift in gaming consoles. took the #3 spot with a viz on monthly housing statistics showing pre-frozen winter markets.

Steve Eubanks at the Glendora Youth Soccer site took the #1 spot for interactivity. The viz shows standings in a youth soccer league and 91% of viewers interacted with it somehow-- filtering, sorting, or tooltips.

This crop of vizes is:

  1. Wide: The breadth of visualizations is huge. Peter Aldhous visualized Innovation in America, Steve Brownell at looked at credit scores, and Gotham Schools visualized charter school performance.
  2. Wild: Barbells for Boobs put data visualization at the service of breast cancer awareness, Anthony Calabrese vizzed scial media in the midterm elections, and GolfSpy did an interactive product review of golf clubs.
  3. Worldwide: 18% of top 100 visualizations were published on non-U.S. sites, from Dutch site Financieele Dagblad to Swedish site

A note on methodology: We only consider views that were published for the first time in Q4 and we restrict each author to five visualizations in the Top 100.


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