Who Works Too Hard?

em September 28, 2011

Do you feel like you work too much? Ever hear those stories about how people in other countries work half as much or as hard as you do? Some OECD data released earlier this year could help shed light on those rumors, and maybe lay out some options if you're in the market for moving to another country.

On average, North Americans work the longest, clocking in at more than 44 hours worked per week. By country, Mexico works the longest, working more than 49 hours per week. If you break down work, Japan comes out on top with the most number of paid hours (31.36) while Mexico comes up again for most number of unpaid working hours (21.04) including housework, internships, unpaid overtime, and others.

Also worth mentioning: Almost all of the countries with the shortest work weeks are in Europe. Food for thought.