Your Data, Social

em Fevereiro 15, 2012

Tonight we’re excited to announce a feature that helps you start conversations with data. We call it Save & Share, and it lets your readers not only share your vizes but share their own view of your vizes. Think of it as your viz being social.

How does it work? Check out this video.

Or check out these vizzes to see Save & Share in action:

  1. Celebrity Smack Down Twitter: #celebritysmackdown
  2. Baby names Twitter: #in9months
  3. College recruiting Twitter: #collegefootball

Better Discussion & More Traffic

What does this mean? It means that when your readers filter, zoom or otherwise change your visualization, they can share their version with included comments. This is sure to generate elevated discourse, cogent commentary and some good old-fashioned smack talking.
Best of all, when people are sharing and talking about your data, it has a greater impactand you get more traffic!

Important Notes for Authors

Two things you should know before beginning:

  1. This works for all new visualizations. Your can get this functionality for existing visualizations by republishing the viz under a new name, then publishing the new embed in your site or blog.
  2. For the near future you’ll need to manually add a permalink to redirect people back to your site after viewing the viz. You can do this in the workbook view on Tableau Server (login at, and you can add some explanatory text at the same time. Here's what that looks like:

Check it Out

So publish a new viz, or republish an old one with a new name, and notice the new icons at the bottom of every viz:

And start looking for Tableau Public previews in your Facebook and twitter feeds!


Nice idea. However I didn't immediately see where to change the settings to enter a different landing page. I only see two choices. Toolbar and tabs.

Is there any way to take off the facebook/twitter/email sharing icons? We would like to control who has the ability to share the charts we publish so that they stay within a certain group of people.