5 Reasons Not to Miss The Tableau Customer Conference

em Maio 24, 2012

The Tableau Customer Conference is this November in sunny San Diego, and it will be the best opportunity this year to take every aspect of your online visualizations to the next level. It's hard to summarize why this event is so special in one blog post, but, generally speaking, there are five reasons why you do not want to miss it.

1. You'll become a Visual Jedi

With dozens of sessions on dashboard design and visualization, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve your viz chops.

2. You'll fix that viz

Struggling with a viz? Sign up for Tableau Doctor to meet with a talented Tableau employee who can help you fix your problem and get that viz on the web.

3. You'll hone your Tableau skills

Ever wonder how to do a YoY table calculation, use two different datasets on the same sheet or create custom geocoding? There's a session that's right up your alley!

4. You'll see amazing keynotes

Every day at the Conference starts with an amazing keynote. You will hear from Tableau CEO Christian Chabot, John Medina, Jonah Lehrer and watch as Tableau CDO Chris Stolte and the Development team preview Tableau Public 8 live on stage.

5. You'll actually enjoy yourself!

Oh yes, there will be fantastic food, drink and entertainment. However, our favorite part of the conference is getting the chance to have real conversations with the people who use and love Tableau Public just as much as we do - you!

So join us as we get together and celebrate everything viz! You can even grab an Early Bird discount if you sign up soon.