Have You Been to Viz Talk?

em Maio 17, 2012

One great thing about Tableau Public is that it gets people talking. Why do certain states have higher rates of foster care placement? Which highways have the most roadkill? But we've also seen discussions about data visualization practices itself. For example: Should pink ever be used as a color to describe women when presenting data?

We think discussions like these are insightful, but also genuinely fun. So we've started a whole forum just to talk about vizzes called Viz Talk. Here's an example of a viz about lacrosse that's generated quite some discussion (modified to fit our blog).

As people have pointed out, it's a great, straight-forward viz that allows readers to get the information they want. Still, there is always room for improvement. Some suggestions included outlining the states, adding more tooltip information and even minor UI tweaks (turning off zoom controls). Viz Talk is a great place for helping each other learn to tell better data stories, and you can add your own thoughts too.

There's a lot going on in Viz Talk, whether you want to discuss best practices of visualization itself, share your favorite vizzes of all time, or show off cool tricks you've found in Tableau.


Our college is a Mac environment. Tableau is a wonderful tool but we would strongly encourage developing a Mac version. This would be of great benefit to our programs.