We're Live Streaming Tapestry!

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Publicado por Ben Jonesem Fevereiro 19, 2014

The second annual Tapestry Data Storytelling Conference will be held next week in Annapolis, Maryland, and while registration is full, we recently announced that we'll be live streaming video of the presentations for free on our site. To listen and watch the presentations, be sure to bookmark and visit our live streaming page starting at 8:45am ET on Wednesday, February the 26th.

This is great news for everyone that can't make it to the conference, but data journalists in particular should take note, as the lineup of presenters includes individuals with extensive newsroom experience like Aron Pilhofer of the New York Times and Alberto Cairo, who teaches Information Graphics and Visualization at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. For a full list of the day's presentations, see our Events page.

The Power of Storytelling

If this year's conference is anything like last year's, there will be a rich dialog taking place on social media. To get involved in the discussion, follow our conference twitter account @tapestryconf and use our conference hashtag, #tapestryconf, to share your thoughts and interact with others who are doing the same.

Tapestry dialog

To whet your appetite for this year's conference, watch some of last year's presentations, like "The Art of Honest Theft" by Hannah Fairfield, "Why 29 is such a stunning number" by Nigel Holmes, "Choosing the right story" by Cheryl Phillips, or "Storytelling with Data" by Jonathan Corum.

We hope you're able to get a lot out of this year's conference, whether you're able to attend in person or watch online.