Quantified Self Viz Contest Entries

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Publicado por Jewel Loreeem Maio 27, 2014

We got a ton of superb entries to our Quantified Self Viz Contest! The submission period is now closed, but you can get in on the action by voting via Twitter for your favorite. The viz with the most tweets will win our crowd favorite prize of $500! Get tweeting now; the voting period ends Thursday at 11pm PST. See all the entries below!

Mark Jackson- The story of my career

Chris Love- Marathon Scrapbook

Judy Lucas- I Have a Headache

Peter Gilks- 100 Blocks

Noel Bautista- Spending Dashboard

Eric Jain- Activities & Energy Expenditure

Vijay Dontharaju- Quantified Self: Facebook Activity

Olga Yukelson- My Career

Esau V- Tracking Daily Commute in Dallas

Craig Dewar- mySelf Travel Story

David Andrade- I Am What I Listen To

Russell Spangler- Quantified Spangler

Russian Sphinx- Poor diet

Jeffrey Shaffer- Music Major ~ Data Miner

Gabriel Gejman- A Year of Breastfeeding

Anna Chan- Foodies

Carl Allchin- The London Runderground

Amy Mandler- Blood, sweat, and bers

Andre Argenton- Beating Diabetes

Nelson Davis- A Week in the Life - Outlook Calendar

Jared Kendall- A Viz of Vizzes

Dan Piecuch- I Love Beer and Pizza


Wait But Why there were restrictions that only residents from countries - the US,UK, Canada, Australia, France, or Germany - could participate?

Is that the reason why I don't see my entry?