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Iron Viz Global: Books and Literature

TL;DR The 1st feeder of the 2018 Iron Viz Global competition is officially open. The theme is: Books and Literature. Submissions are accepted until 13 May (11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time). See the FAQ...
3 meses atrás

London calling – The winners of Iron Viz Europe 2018

Tableau community in Europe: we are impressed with your work! We received 29 fantastic submissions for our first data visualization competition this year, Iron Viz Europe. Thank you for taking part!...
3 meses atrás

2018 Iron Viz Europe - Vote for the Crowd Favorite

The second ever Iron Viz Europe closed on the weekend, and here are the vizzes! We are thrilled by the creativity of the Tableau community, and our judges are working hard to find the three best...
3 meses atrás

Celebrating Women's History Month

This guest blog post is written by Brittany Fong. Brittany founded BFong Data, which specializes in data visualization, design, and user experience. She is the organizer of the DC Tableau User...
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Iron Viz Europe 2018

The 2nd edition of Iron Viz Europe is officially open! This year’s theme is: European Cities. Submissions are accepted until 1 April, 23:59 BST. See the contest page and the FAQ page...
4 meses atrás

Iron Viz 2018 - The Schedule

It’s that time of the year: Iron Viz season has been kicked off! In a number of feeders and on-stage finals, Tableau enthusiasts from around the world get the chance to show off their data viz skills...
4 meses atrás

Scoring your Iron Viz ideas: Results

This blog post is based on the results of a survey created to gather ideas about Iron Viz. More details on that survey and methodology can be found in a previous blog post. If reading Data...
4 meses atrás
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