IMDA-Tableau NIC Face-off | Community-driven Data Stories Competition 2017 - School Submissions

Top School Category Entries

Shortlisted entries for IMDA-Tableau Finals

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School- The Techno Dots

Dunman High School - Tacobucks

East Spring Secondary School - BSG

NUS High School - OCD Cations

Pioneer Junior College - Pioneer Magikarp

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The entry with the highest number of votes will be awarded with the 'People's Choice Award'

Team Brighter Earth Future - Eunoia Junior College

Team Qnique1 - Pioneer Junior College

Team The Dark Demon - Sembawang Secondary School

Team 10 - West Spring Secondary School

Team Salvare - Pioneer Junior College

Team CCY - Sembawang Secondary School

Team BDS Team 2 - Bedok South Secondary School

Team Road Kill - West Spring Secondary School

Team Visual - NUS High School of Math and Science

Team Quadfish - Dunman High School