Google Data Viz Challenge Entries!

Making sense of big data sets isn't easy, but these entries, make it look easy and beautiful!

With this post voting has officially begun for your favourite #BigDataChamp.

Use the Twitter buttons and hashtags below to cast your vote. We will be counting distinct tweeters for each contestant, so you only need to vote once for your favorite contestants. Voting is open until 12:00pm BST eg midday (London time) Friday 27 May.

Meanwhile, the Tableau team will be judging each entry on design, storytelling, analysis, and overall appeal to pick the main-prize winner.
The winners for both the Crowd-Favorite Award and the main prize will be announced on Monday 30 May!

Yvan Fornes: 2012 Conflicts Media Coverage

Shabbir Jadliwala: Big Data with Tableau and Google

Merlijn Buit: Your Personal #BigDataViz GDELT Story

Fabio Fantoni: European Immigration Report

Delger Enkhbayar: Favouritism and Fight for Aid

Alexander Usoltsev: Goldstein Scale Evaluation Viz

Didier Valat: A Whole Land of Big Data

Ellie Dodd: Investigation in to How Global Events Affect Tourism

Daniel Ruiz Mayo: Oil Prices

Nicolas Petitclerc: Protesting in the Rain

Michael Carpenter: The Fine Art of Diplomacy

Leenke De Donder: The World's Biggest Bullies

Henrik Iversen: What Matters to Happiness

Damiana Spadafora: Israel/Palestine

Thibault Lefevre: China Rising

Deepak D: Tableau BigData Champ

Annabelle Rincon: Queen Elizabeth II


Niccolo Cirone: GOOD News! - Where When Who What

Emily Chen: What Do You Read?