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2015 Tableau Public Team Travel

2015 has already been a very busy year for the Tableau Public team. We are currently based in Seattle, London and Frankfurt and we have traveled extensively throughout the globe in the first seven...
1 day ago

Music Viz Contest

Do you have what it takes? Do you have the heart of a champion? Do you want a free trip to Las Vegas in October to attend the 2015 Tableau Conference and compete in grueling battle for viz supremacy...
3 days ago

Step Right Up! Travel Month Viz Quiz

It's #TravelMonth on the Tableau Public blog, and it's time for a fun viz quiz! Guess (or research!) the regions that U.S. citizens have traveled to most frequently since 2011. We'll ship a free...
1 week ago

Analyzing Airbnb Data

Editor's Note: Jonathan Trajkovic is a Data Analyst working for Synaltic in Paris, France. In this #TravelMonth blog post, Jonathan explains how he built an Airbnb viz to figure out the best...
2 weeks ago

Where did all the Boris Bikes go?

Editor's Note: Jonathan MacDonald is a Tableau and Alteryx consultant working for The Information Lab in London, England. In this #TravelMonth blog post, Jonathan shows how he quickly and easily...
2 weeks ago

Travel Month: Find a Music Festival

As temperatures start to rise and sunshine spills in through the windows of our offices, I know I can’t be the only one thinking about skipping town. Now that we are in the thick of summer, many of...
3 weeks ago

Action Month Blog Roundup

Thanks for joining and participating in Action Month! We hope that this month inspired you to think more about how you are utilizing interactivity in your Tableau Public dashboards and how dashboard...
1 month ago
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