Regular dispatches from the Tableau Public Team.

Create a compelling Iron Viz Qualifier entry in ten steps

With the Iron Viz 2021 Qualifier Contest only open until July 2nd, we invited Joshua Smith to offer his guidance on the best way to get started. He is uniquely qualified to advise you as a Iron...
4 days ago

Your Favorite Vizzes - A Look Back at May 2021

Dig into our monthly blog series, A look back at your Favorite Vizzes, to see some of the most popular data visualizations from the #DataFam. Check out May’s most favorited and viewed vizzes across...
6 days ago

Viz what you love for Iron Viz 2021

The ultimate data showdown is back. Data rockstars (like you!) from around the world compete in our annual Iron Viz competition for a chance to secure their place in #DataFam history. It's an...
1 week ago

The Tableau Public Viz Gallery celebrates Pride Month

In celebration of Pride Month which recognizes the impact LGBTQ+ people have had around the world, we’ve refreshed the Tableau Public Viz Gallery with a brand new exhibit....
1 week ago

Featured Authors May 2021

We are excited to introduce our new cohort of Featured Authors and amazed by the work these extraordinary data rock stars have been doing for the last few months or even years!...
2 weeks ago

Looking for something? Try Tableau Public Search

Explore the millions of data visualizations and author profiles on Tableau Public with our improved search algorithm and an easy to skim visual grid layout. Have you ever wished there was a viz on a...
3 weeks ago

Now in beta: Save time with web authoring on Tableau Public

When you want to explore, create, and share data visualizations, we're happy to share that you can start creating vizzes directly from a browser on Tableau Public with the web authoring beta. We...
1 month ago
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