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Engaging My Community: Northwest Folklife

How do you make new year's resolutions stick? According to some sources, the secret is to keep it a secret. Had I heeded that advice, I wouldn't have posted my #DataResolutions on our blog and on...
1 day ago

Hackathon: Help Turn Daunting Data Sets into Accessible Stories!

Open data is full of stories that empower the general public, spark conversations, and drive change. But not everyone is data-literate. And in order for them to understand these stories, the...
6 days ago

#MyRecentViz: How Many Days a Year Is China’s Air Safe to Breathe?

Editor’s note: This blog post is co-written by Yueqi Yang, who is a M.A. student in the Business and Economic Reporting program at NYU Journalism School, and by Florian Ramseger, Product...
3 weeks ago

Meet Your Tableau Public Ambassadors!

We are happy to introduce our first-ever group of Tableau Public Ambassadors! These twelve Tableau Public authors have been chosen to help lead the community, thanks to their passion for doing it in...
1 month ago

Lessons from Crowdsourcing a Data Set on the Women's March

I spend most of my days visualizing data that folks share with me. But sometimes the world has different plans. Sometimes, without any warning, we’re flooded with raw data and need to make sense of...
1 month ago

#MyRecentViz: Electoral Votes vs. Popular Votes in US Elections

Editor’s note: This is a write-up of the key takeaways from the #MyRecentViz webinar that took place on 29 Nov 2016. It is the first in a series of blog posts and webinars, each deconstructing a...
1 month ago

Your Tableau Public Vizzes Have Reached One Billion Views!

Seven years ago, I was sitting in a newsroom when my professor/editor asked me to make my boring data story a bit more interactive. And by interactive, he meant adding a picture of a graph. I felt...
1 month ago
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