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Oh, What Lovely Mobile-Friendly Vizzes You've Made!

Ever since we introduced device designer as part of Tableau Public 10, you’ve been building fantastic vizzes that look good on any device. Since Tableau Public 10 launched, we've seen so many vizzes...
21 hours ago

Roundup: The Best of Your #TableauMobileTips to Follow—and Break

Ever since we introduced device designer as part of Tableau Public 10, you’ve been sharing your #TableauMobileTips. Many of you shared variations of the same few popular tips, so I thought I’d share...
1 day ago

Tips for Designing Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

When designing a visualization for consumption on cell phones, the smallest of screens, you must take utmost care to put yourself in the mind of your consumers. Imagine how they’ll interact with your...
5 days ago

Web Scraping for Everybody: Using the Import Functions in Google Sheets with Tableau Public 10

The good news is that this year, aliens haven’t yet come down to Earth yet whereas last year, there were two UFO sightings. How do I know? Wikipedia! For your convenience, I have visualized the...
1 week ago

Tableau Public 10: All Your Resources in One Place

Tableau Public 10 is here! And it includes some amazing features. Design dashboards that shine on any device with the new device designer and embed codes. Connect to your data in the cloud with the...
1 week ago

(Finally!) See and Understand Your IoT Data with Our Google Sheets Connector

The Internet of Things has made collecting data easy. The hard bit has been analyzing that data. The applications bundled with IoT devices don’t allow for freeform exploration, and only the coders of...
1 week ago

Tips on Using the New Device Designer in Tableau Public 10

My, how fast technology has moved. We’ve gone from mobile-optimized to mobile-first. With Tableau Public 10, we’re bringing our data as our +1 to the mobile party. So how do you make the best data...
2 weeks ago
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