What are the chances your plane will be delayed?

on January 21, 2010

Everyone has seen a chart or a news article using FAA data showing carriers who are often delayed, but what really matters is the airport you are coming from and the airport you are going to. Use this viz to plan your next trip or see if your flight is destined for delays.

It is comically interesting to see charts of average airline delays, but what possible use could come from such data when there are thousands of flights every day? This viz allows travelers to educate themselves more completely and avoid chronically late flights.

As you might expect in the rainy northwest, delays are common in Seattle. Fliers will tack an average of ten minutes onto their travels. However, the fortunate flier who happens to be arriving from San Diego will arrive three minutes early on average.


Some unexpected results in the early bird category. How about adding a slide bar so we can hone in on interesting ranges?