Which representatives spend the most taxpayer money?

on January 7, 2010

This is a viz of the quarterly House of Representatives Statement of Disbursements, describing how members of the House of Representatives spend money for staff, rent, printing and other officially-incurred expenses. Explore to see how financially responsible your elected representative has been.

These dashboards filter the data to include only data from July 1 to September 30th of this year. Congressional office spending seems pretty uniform across state and party indicating a degree of fiscal efficiency that our leaders will hopefully show us in the next budget bill. As you explore you may also wonder what the category "FRANKED MAIL" includes. This is a consulting service that Congressmen use to do targeted mailing to their constituents.

If your interested in working with this dataset I will be posting the data in a spreadsheet with additional comments regarding the workbook and the raw data. You can find the details on my blog The Data Revolution and my companies' website interworksinc.com.

Dan Murray