Vizes in the Wild: Aquisitions in Africa

on February 25, 2010

In the second full week after the launch of Tableau Public, my job has gotten considerably tougher. Choosing only a couple visualizations to single out is almost impossible! However, after much deliberation I decided that the following views show the best data in the most interesting way... with good design principles to boot!

This viz shows Bharti Airtel's acquisition of Zain's mobile phone business in Africa. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a visualization is worth 10,000. I had read about the acquisition before, but I had no real understanding of why the deal was happening. Sure, Bharti stands to gain from purchasing a stake in the African market (which is growing even in recession), but why would Zain sell? As you can see, Zain's African operations are not profitable, while its Middle Eastern activities are heavily profitable, besides Saudi Arabia. The sale will allow them to grow closer to their home market in places like Oman, Yeman, the UAE and Egypt. Thanks to Deepak Sheenoy for this viz; see it on his blog, Capital Mind.

Why we like this viz

Using two maps to tell a story- Green/red contrast makes analysis easy

Non-conflicting color schemes- Green/red and blue/orange/teal don't confuse

This viz was created by Jerome Cukier of the OECD as part of their efforts to make their data more transparent. Posted on their in-house Factblog, it shows the relative age and length of retirement for OECD member nations. French citizens enjoy the longest retirement of the bunch, with an expected value of almost 25 years.

Why we like this viz

Easy to understand- It does not require two paragraphs of explanation

Stacked bars display outliers- Mexico and Austria are obvious at first glance