CNN Money Visualizes 2010 Foreclosure Rates with Tableau

on April 30, 2010

CNN Money took a closer look at the nations housing market this week with the foreclosure visualization below. As you might expect, foreclosures are still a huge problem in Florida, California, Arizona and Michigan, but the country as a whole is beginning to recover. Mouse over a city or lasso a region below to explore in more detail.

The map above shows both the number of foreclosures (size of the circle) and the foreclosure rate (deepness of the red). Las Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate by a long shot, but Florida and California certainly have the largest amount of homes being foreclosed on. If you mouse over any data point you can see the difference in foreclosures since last quarter and a year ago; Phoenix bucks the general trend of improvement.

What we like about this viz

Transparent circles: By lowering the transparency on the circles and placing a border around each one, it is significantly easier to analyze crowded regions.


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Location, Location, Location. Depending where in California you are foreclosures are either lower or higher. In the low job markets you see a significant number of Reo's or foreclosures. The stable job market areas you see a lower number of distressed properties and even reduced inventories, creating demand for available properties.