YouTube Surprise Superstars

on May 6, 2010

Coming back from Web 2.0 Expo last night I was reading in Wired about how YouTube elevated unknowns to become major (well, major on the Internet) stars. Given all the buzz about the iPad at the event I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to read the article on an iPad and be able to play the videos Wired was writing about. Upon returning to work and facing my unread email, I decided instead to mock up what such an iPad article (iPad app?) would look like. Here goes, and thanks Wired for the selection of videos.

While light on analysis, this viz was a nice way for me to show the use of Tableau's URL links and how you can use those to reference content on the Web right in your viz. If you prefer a more productive use than embedding YouTube superstars, consider embedding links to Wikipedia articles or linking out to a product image. It's a powerful tool. Just as Numa Numa is a powerful video-- I encourage you to watch it by clicking it in the viz above.