Aliens Exist!

on July 15, 2010

Aliens are walking among us -- so say a surprising number of people around the world. At least that's according to a Reuters poll. Well, we've always said that just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that someone's not after you. Thanks to the Russian Sphinx for making us rethink our trip to India with this nice viz.

How'd they do that? Filtering

In addition to giving us a chuckle, the Sphinx did some really nice filtering in this viz. First, note that she uses two kinds: a quick filter and a filter action.

Quick Filter

The country filter at the bottom left of the viz is straight forward. Sphinx did this simply by dropping the "country" data into the filter shelf and then selecting "show quick filter" from the drop down.

Action Filter

Then, on the dashboard, the Sphinx made her filters global by opening the drop down in the upper right of each view. For the map (shown below) she simply selected "use as filter." This lets you lasso countries on the map and see their details displayed in the country bar chart. In the country filter drop down (not shown), she selected "make global." This lets you zoom in on a specific country in the map by selecting it in the country quick filter she created earlier.