dissects the world of online advertising

on July 16, 2010

Robert Andrews was a first time Tableau Public user who wanted to make the most of his online advertising data. He is also the UK editor of, a leading site covering the business of digital media, and, as editor, he has high standards.

Initially he didn't know exactly what he could create -- "I'm thinking I want some kind of map as the basis," he wrote. "But I want to see all of the data visualized and numbered."

He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty and before long he had created this viz, which we think tells a very interesting story about the state of online advertising.

"Nice service, thanks; what's the catch?" he wrote.

There's no catch Robert -- the Brits can be so cynical ;-)

How'd They Do That? Mapping with Pie Charts

Robert's maps are great because -- just as he planned -- they are the foundation for serving up a lot of information.

First, let's look at how he made the map of Europe. Robert was able to zoom in on Europe because he excluded data from the U.S. and Russia. He simply right clicked on the data from these countries and selected "exclude" as shown below:

Now that we're zoomed in, let's look at the pie charts. While often misused, pie charts can be very effective in certain circumstances. This is definitely one of those circumstances and the following is a diagram showing how these pie charts were created.