Painless address level geocoding with BatchGeo

on July 19, 2010

Trying to map address level data can be a tedious job. Luckily, we have discovered a snazzy little app called BatchGeo which takes any .csv file with address data and adds two columns for Latitude and Longitude. Don't believe it? Take
this file, open it, copy the contents, and then paste them into BatchGeo. Click "Map Now" and your locations will be mapped. You can grab the output .csv from the bottom of the page. Then, make a cool Seattle area tourist attraction viz like the one below.

I could have spent hours hand geocoding the hundreds of locations in this database. Although BatchGeo takes about five seconds per address, I estimate that I saved about two and a half hours over hand geocoding.


Hi Ross,

Was it difficult to place icons/pictures on the map? How did you do that. I believe that it could be added in: map=>marks=>shape=>more shapes, but then I do not know how to add a picture on the map.

No not difficult at all! Add any image into the My Documents->My Tableau Repository->Shapes file (in their own seperate folder) and then hit "Reload Shapes". You should be able to assign any shape to any value at that point.

I used to use BatchGeo for the purpose of geo-coding and plotting points on maps (all the time). It doesn't seem to be returning longitude and latitude anymore. Instead, it wants the user to supply them.

Any other tools out there that, if I input a street address, it will return with the longitude and latitude?