Maplight Illuminates the Link Between Money and Politics

on March 25, 2011

"Data is a key part in educating people on what’s really going on in the country. There’s a river of money underlying everything that happens in politics, everything that happens in Congress," says Daniel Newman, Co-founder and Executive Director of

Maplight has created a massive database tracking campaign contributions and votes by politicians of both parties. They use that data to help people understand how much money is influencing a certain issue.

One good example is this visualization that allows the user to find the percent of contributions from different sources for the California Assembly. Who is heavily funded by unions? By businesses? By individuals?

In this new video you can hear from Dan on why they believe data is important and how they use visualization to make it more compelling to their audience.

Can data make the world better? After seeing what Maplight can do with it, we think it can.