Tableau Public: Now Featuring Faster Gratification

on March 23, 2011

Today we’re releasing a new version of Tableau Public with a much faster load experience.

Life on the web moves fast. In fact, life outside the web moves fast too. Professor Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK did a famous experiment measuring walking speeds in cities around the world. The result? He found an increase in pace of about 10% worldwide, and about 30% in Singapore. You can read more on his website. (If you’re reading this in Singapore, feel free to skip ahead—you’ve got places to be.)

With people all over the world shaving seconds from their ambulatory activities, the least we could do is improve the load time of Tableau Public visualizations. And in fact, faster load time has been one of the most common requests we hear from Tableau Public authors.

Now when you load a Tableau Public view, you’ll see the view right away. The view will be slightly lighter, indicating that it’s a static image. The interactivity will be loading in the background. This means your viewers can orient themselves to your visualization with the image. By the time they’re ready to start interacting, the live viz will have loaded and they’ll experience a nearly seamless storytelling experience.

The result? Faster gratification. Readers can move more smoothly from your web copy into exploring the data, without pausing to wait for the view to load. And by the way, the entire load experience to full interactivity has been sped up as well.

As symphonies and dancers know, delivering great performance is a lifelong pursuit. We continue to develop techniques to make views load faster, publish faster and interact faster. You’ll see more on this topic in the coming months. And as always, we welcome your feedback.