Chad Skelton Can't Stop Vizzing

Chad Skelton
on April 13, 2011

"If you really want to get serious about online graphics, you have to check out Tableau Public." So says Chad Skelton of the Vancouver Sun in the most recent Canadian Association of Journalists newsletter. We certainly appreciate the support, but we're mostly grateful to have such a prolific author using Public. Chad has been vizzing since the beginning, and has created some of the most interesting visualizations on the servers.

The view you see above shows crime on the Sky Train, Vancouver's light rail. As you can see, there were close to two incidents a month at the Broadway and Surrey Central stations- not a place you want to be late at night.

Chad has created dozens of other visualizations for the Sun, including this one on federal parolees per capita. When Chad isn't vizzing, then you can usually find him writing his blog, Curious Dad.

A special thanks to Chad and all of the journalists who are using Tableau Public to help tell their stories.