Congratulations Paige!

Alex Morrison
on April 26, 2011

We want to congratulate Paige St. John, the winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reporter won for her 2-year investigation of the Florida insurance industry. Paige did a spectacular job analyzing a complex, convoluted system that's costing Floridians an incredible amount of money.

We've gotten to know Paige recently as a Tableau Public author. Now, of course, Paige didn't win the Pulitzer because she has been using Tableau Public. She won the Pulitzer for stories she wrote before she even knew about Tableau.

Paige is part of a journalistic tradition called Computer-Assisted Reporting, or basically people who use data to tell stories. That's something we get pretty excited about. And lately Paige has been doing some pretty cool stuff with Tableau. This viz complemented a great story about the enormous trouble sinkholes are causing in Florida. It shows the extent of the problem and how insurance claims have grown.

Congratulations Paige! People like you show us that data, used wisely, can change the world.

Photo credit: Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Great video there too if you have a moment to watch.