Pyramid proof: Tableau's easy to use

Daniel Hom
on July 13, 2011

Ease of use. That's one of the biggest strengths of Tableau. What could take you hours to analyze and visualize with other software can take just a fraction of that time. Here's an example of that from Jorge Camoes of A week ago, Jorge visualized population for various countries by age group and a given year in Microsoft Excel. Now he's used the same data and visualized it with Tableau Public--to stunning effect.

How easy was it for him to do this in Tableau Public? We'll let him say so himself:

"I never really played before with Tableau Public and it took me less than an hour to upload the data and make this chart, without reading a manual or watching a tutorial (changing line colors was the hard part). It says a lot about its usability."

Use the drop down menu to switch between different countries and see how the different population pyramids look. It's a beautiful visualization, and we hope to see more.