Doctor Sinister, I Presume (is the Evil Viz Winner!)

Robb Tufts
on August 15, 2011

Congratulations to Robb Tufts, creator of the most devious viz we’ve seen in quite some time and winner of the Evil Viz Contest! Visit his site and see the full level of his depravity in the wild (if you dare). Seriously, thanks to all the entries. We hope you had as much fun making them as we did seeing them!

There were some truly diabolical entrants, including the crowd favorite from Steve Wexler of Data Revelations:

This tragic death and rock ‘n roll viz from Eddie Egan of Visual Encounters was great (actually it was my personal favorite but too sad, I think, for the other judges).

And, of course, the best pun from X10ba of Aspie Econ. (Samuel Johnson always said the pun was “the evilest form of wit.”)