Sanjay Bhatt Wins Gannett Award

Alex Morrison
on August 16, 2011

Congrats to Seattle Times staff writer Sanjay Bhatt, who won the Gannett Foundation Award for Digital Innovation in Watchdog Journalism at the Asian American Journalists Association convention over the weekend.

Sanjya’s story and accompanying Tableau Public visualization documented the ineffectiveness of the Treasury's loan-modification program and how the government failed to hold large mortgage servicers accountable for flouting the program's rules.

Gannett’s digital watchdog award recognizes groundbreaking work by a journalist that creatively uses digital tools in the role of being a community’s watchdog. Criteria for evaluating innovation include interactivity, creation of new tools, innovative adaptation of existing tools, and creative use of any digital medium.

We were only able to find one picture of Sanjay accepting his award, but Sanjay’s viz is one of many Tableau vizzes appearing in the Seattle Time’s special interactive graphics and databases page.


This is a terrific enhancement to having a static article.