Safe Driver? Stay Away From the Northeast

Daniel Hom
on September 20, 2011

Everyone wants to be a safe driver. Aside from avoiding costly accidents, keeping a collision-free record has other financial benefits: cheaper insurance.

Every year, insurance-provider Allstate releases statistics detailing the cities with the safest drivers in the nation. So, if you're a safe driver and want to stick around with like-minded folks, where should you go?

Naturally, metro areas are the most dangerous, but the Northeast in particular stands out as particularly bad. The nation's capital takes home top honors as the city with the least safest drivers--an infamous distinction it's earned more than once now. In fact, the average driver there could only go 4.8 years without an accident.

So if you must live in or drive to one of these cities, keep your eyes peeled. Not everyone drives as safely as you (hopefully) do.


Good point, Jon, though things could get normalized in an odd way given the lack of data about the number of people Allstate insures in each location.