Seattle Bubble Illuminates Home Financing

Tim Ellis
on March 23, 2012

For many of us, the real estate market is a confusing and opaque world. Despite the presence of pricing and sales sites like Zillow and Redfin, the constant flow of conflicting stories and news makes it hard to determine where the market is headed. Should I buy now? Should I wait? How much should I put down? Where should I buy?

Luckily, Tim Ellis of the Seattle Bubble is around to help sort out the confusion. Tim is one of the few that predicted the rapid fall in real estate prices, and has been providing very useful insight into the local Seattle market since 2005. Going on three years ago, he became one of the first Tableau Public users and has avidly blogged with vizzes ever since.

This viz shows the percentage of homebuyers each month who opt for 0-20% down financing, 20%+ financing and all cash purchases. Take a look at your neighborhood.

The most fascinating part of this viz is the dichotomy between 0-20% down and all cash. The homes that were purchased for nothing down in 2004-2006 are being foreclosed on and purchased with all cash. How the world changes in a few short years!