Announcing the Winners of the Tableau Student Data Challenge...

on April 25, 2012

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Tableau Student Data Challenge! We were thrilled by all the high-quality dashboards that were submitted. This challenge asked students to take real data from the humanitarian organization, CARE, and help provide insight and meaning. A panel of three judges: Dan Hom, Tableau Data Analyst; Robert Kosara, PhD, Visual Analytics Researcher; and CARE’s Access Africa MIS Manager, Abdoul-Karim Coulibaly carefully vetted the submissions based on 1. data analysis (50%), 2. telling a compelling story (25%), and 3. design elements/overall appeal (25%).

And now the drum rolls please…

Our first place ($1,250) goes to Team UW Pro-Track. The dashboard submission can be found in the blog article, Family Economics in Lesotho: A Tableau Data Challenge. The judges were particularly impressed by the team’s ability to present data in a meaningful, but simple and clear way. The visualization made good use of multiple types of views and interactive functionality to present a big picture of Lesotho and its residents. The team comprises three Journalism graduate students at the University of Wisconsin, Kate Prengaman, Amy Karon, and Emily Eggleston.

The second place ($750) winner goes to Alden Denny’s one-person team, Orogeny and Phylogeny. Alden’s dashboard can be found as part of the blog, Lesotho: A Landlocked Country. Our judges especially enjoyed the thoughtful introduction, study description, and interpretation of the findings. Alden is a graduate student at the University of Washington studying Marine Geology.

Last, but not least, our crowd-favorite ($500) goes to Ariel Anaya’s one-person team, Correlize, with 260 ‘likes’. Not only did Ariel score the most ‘likes’, but his view provides a well balanced and easy to understand dashboard on loan usage of the data set. Ariel is an undergraduate student studying Finance at the University of Central Florida.

In addition, we have several honorable mentions. First, we will be sending a special Tableau care package to Michael Peck of the Parachuting Khertakers. Michael was in close competition behind Correlize, with 256 ‘likes’. His dashboard uses a wide array of different visualizations, giving the reader a dynamic understanding of the local economy. Michael studies Information Systems at the Indiana University Kelly School of Business.

Other honorable mentions go to teams:

    Filtrix: Connor Gray and Garrett Lambert, Information Systems and Finance studies at the University of Washington

    Helen Yezeretz: Helen Yezeretz, Computer Information Technology studies at Indiana University – PUI

    Inquisitive Hedgehog: April Hoy, Public Administration studies at Boise State University

    Purple Team: Arturo Catellanos, Management and Information Systems studies at Florida International University

    TeamKiwiFruit: Chim Lau, Economics at the University of California, San Diego

    Tequlia Mockingbird: Daniel Yerelian and Sunil Shah, MBA students at Loyola Marymount University

Once again, congratulations to everyone!