No Dearth of Sports Vizes Here

on July 2, 2012

Well, we asked for some sports vizes and we got them! We were amazed by the quantity of entries we received, but more than that we were impressed with the high-quality data storytelling shown throughout all of the vizes.

Case in point? Ben Jones' winning viz which shows the longest sports droughts (seasons without a championship win) for every league, team and city in the US and Canada. This viz has it all. First of all, the data is accurate, and shown in a way that is both informative and easy to understand. Furthermore, the entire package tells a clear story and invites you to browse for your own favorite team. For his effort, Ben will win a trip to the 2012 Customer Conference and a chance at $2,000 in the Iron Viz Championship.

It should also be noted that Ben actually had three win-quality visualizations in the contest, including a fantastic viz of the Masters and another of Olympic medal wins by country.

Interested in something a little more internationally flavored? Fear not, for Jerome Cukier has delivered with one of the most amazing feats of Tableau wizardry we have seen in a long time. More importantly, he has done so with a fascinating story of the Real Madrid - APOEL Nicosia UEFA Champions League game. Essentially, this network diagram shows every pass (and goal) in the game. Each player is shown with all of their passes and shots as lines. The more lines, the more the player touched the ball. Tableau geeks will enjoy the complex, but elegant network diagram.

Our last featured viz for the contest is the Crowd Favorite, the visualization that drew the most traffic. Trevor Ebaugh's view on takes a deep look into the effectiveness of using an infield shift against different players. The blue shows results when shifts were not used, the yellow shows the effect when they were. Want some more detail? Check out Trevor's original post on

Thanks to everyone who entered this years Sports contest. Rest assured, there were dozens of amazing visualizations we wanted to feature in this post. Look to see many of them in Viz of the Day over the coming weeks. If you want your own chance at TCC 2012 tickets or $500, keep a look out for the Political Data contest in August. Until then, happy vizing!