The Top 100 Vizes of Q2 2012

on July 6, 2012

It's time again to take a look at the most viewed Tableau Public visualizations over the past three months, and what a selection we have for you! There are vizes from Africa, Australia, Austria, Argentina - and a host of places that don't even begin with an A.

This quarter's most viewed viz comes straight from long time Tableau Public users La Nacion, who made a fascinating viz showing which currency ministers have a vested interested in manipulating the Argentinian Dollar. Second place went to ESPN with their view of the NBA teams who outscore their opponents in tough situations. The most interactive visualization (interactivity is when a user filters or manipulates an embedded visualization) was Ian Taylor's impressive arms spend visualization in The Guardian. Over 75% of Ian's viewers interacted with the view - not bad!

Enough from us, take a look below and enjoy the vizes. If you hover over one of the bars, you can link out the visualizations or stories themselves.


Great collection of interactive visualizations.

One typo: It's "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" ("neu" means new)

I like visualizations created by Gazeta Wyborcza, but I would recommend placing on a web page just one dashboard with many tabs. When there are few dashboards on one web page, it takes a lot of time to open the web page...