Introducing Author Profiles

on April 18, 2013

If you're like me, sometimes you see a great viz in the wild, and wish you could see more work by that same author. One very exciting, upcoming feature for Tableau Public will let you do just that. Introducing: author profiles. Essentially, it’s a profile and a gallery of each Tableau Public author and the vizzes that they create. We have a lot of amazing authors, so this will be a great way for them to showcase their work in one place and for readers to get to know them on a deeper level.

Here's a quick look:

A few notes about what's coming with author profiles:

  • All Tableau Public and Public Premium accounts will automatically gain an author profile, no additional work required
  • To add a photo, create an account at with the same e-mail address as your Tableau Public account
  • You will be able to hide vizzes from your profile. We know authors often publish things as drafts and don't want them immediately available for all to see
  • You will be able to hide a byline from the viz if necessary

You can look forward to even more information about author profiles in the coming weeks as we prepare to roll them out, including a full training video and instructions on how to get started. We'd love to hear what you think so far, if you have comments or questions, let us know below.