Author Profiles: What can I do now to get ready?

on May 20, 2013

As we blogged last month, we’re hard at work making your author profile page. It should be ready any day now, and we’re hoping it will be a helpful way for you to showcase your work with Tableau Public.

Personalize Your Profile
And as Dan showed in his sneak-peak video, there are a number of ways you'll be able to edit and customize your profile page once it's live. You'll be able to add bio information, link to your social media accounts and websites, and indicate which workbook you'd like to be featured at the top of your page.

At launch, your profile page will include all of the workbooks you have saved to the web, including drafts and other workbooks you may not want others to see. You can see the workbooks that will be shown at launch by logging in to the "Manage Your Workbooks" page. If there is sensitive data in these workbooks, you may want to consider deleting them from your account, or be ready to login and hide them right away.

Stay tuned for the announcement so you can login to your profile page and hide these workbooks. We'll blog about it and send out an email when we launch.

Getting a Head-Start
Even though we haven't launched yet, there are a couple steps you can take now to get a head-start and make sure your profile page looks great out of the gate:

Step #1 - Your Profile Picture
Create or update your Gravatar account to include your Tableau Public email address and the photo you'd like to see on your profile page. If you do this now, your Gravatar photo will be shown on your profile page at launch. I needed to make some updates myself because my Gravatar account didn't include the email address I used when I created my Tableau Public account:

Step #2 - Workbook Thumbnails
Viewers of your profile page will see a thumbnail of the left-most tab of each workbook, just like you see today in the "Manage Your Workbooks" section, so make sure the left-most tab is the one you'd like to show. If not, open the workbook in Tableau Public, drag-and-drop the most appropriate tab to the far left and then re-save the workbook to the web.

I haven't always positioned my final dashboard at the far left, so the thumbnail of my Jonathan Papelbon dashboard wasn't the image I wanted. In order to show the full dashboard instead of just one sheet, I opened the workbook and moved the dashboard tab to the far left, and re-saved to the web:

What's Next?
We're only a few days away from launch, so we'll be sure to send out a notice along with more detailed instructions on how to further modify and customize your profile page when we go live.

I'm also excited about our upcoming "In The Public Eye" newsletter, in which we feature interviews with six very special Tableau Public authors along with links to their profiles. They talk about their experience with Tableau Public, their favorite data sources, and even their data heroes. Coming soon to an email inbox near you!

Stay tuned,