Journalists: Now Tableau Desktop is Free For You

Posted by Ellie Fieldson June 20, 2013

Here at Tableau we're passionate about data as part of the public conversation. Journalists are often the people who put it there. We've been excited to see journalists adopt Tableau Public and we love to see the stories they tell with it. We attend journalism conferences like IRE (going on now in San Antonio) and IRE-NICAR. And we work with many journalists on a day-to-day basis.

We've learned two important things:

  1. Tableau Public is an important tool for journalists publishing data stories to the web.
  2. However, journalists often need to keep stories private while they are developing those stories. Here Tableau Public works less well because everything must be saved online and is automatically public.

For that reason, we're working with The Investigative Reporters & Editors organization (IRE) to make Tableau Desktop, our corporate product, available for free to journalists who are members of IRE. IRE members will be able to request a license for Tableau Desktop, which will let them:

  1. Save files locally while they are developing stories
  2. Publish their stories to Tableau Public when ready
  3. Work offline
  4. Work with more types of data, like databases and Hadoop.

In IRE's blog post announcing the agreement, Mark Horvit, Executive Director of IRE, said: "Tableau Public has provided an important tool for journalists who want to both analyze their data and tell better stories through data visualization. Access to Tableau Desktop will increase the ability of journalists to do this work.”

To get a free license, you must be an IRE member and contact IRE Membership Coordinator