Social Data Week - the Dashboards

on September 24, 2013

We are all familiar with social media as a communication tool and companies have been putting it to good use for many years. Now that volume and adoption have grown it's potential as an analytics gold mine is becoming realized, one that every company and business is beginning to dig into and refine for insights.

Wikipedia defines Social Media as any ideas or information we share in online communities. Social groups range from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, to IMDB, Wikipedia, Reddit, or even individual forums and blogs. These online communities all store the conversations and posts we create and now we can begin to unlock this treasure trove of data.

Last week Tableau helped sponsor Social Data Week, "A global summit to highlight the revolution happening in social data by bringing together industry leaders, experts, influencers and brands for thought-provoking discussions and exchange of ideas". We hosted the London and Seattle events at our offices and saw first hand how brands are taking notice of their consumers feelings, opinions, and complaints.

Since the topic of Social Data Week was Social Media - what better way to analyze the events and speakers than by looking at traffic on the #sdwk13 twitter hashtag. Our very own Jewel Loree designed the dashboard below.

SDWK13 Twitter Dashboard

So what did we learn at Social Data Week that we can apply to Tableau Public users?

  • Anyone can collect their Twitter and Facebook data and visualize it on Tableau Public using free API's.
  • We can see tweet and retweet volume trends over time as well as how many followers we've had and even how many followers our audience has had.
  • We can see which links, hashtags, and individuals we have mentioned in the past and show how our interests have changed over time.
  • If we collect our data from DataSift, we can see the sentiment of our interactions, the Klout of our followers, a tweets geographic origin, and many other augmentations.

If you're interested in learning more about the structure of social media data, take a look at this airline tweet and sentiment analysis viz. Simply click the download link at the bottom and open in Tableau Public, you'll see the fields Twitter and DataSift make available in their outputs.

If you have questions or would like more help obtaining and analyzing social media data leave us a comment below.