Social Media at the Tableau Customer Conference

Andy Cotgreave
on September 23, 2013

10,397 tweets.
1,141 tweeters.

What a week we had at the Tableau Customer Conference. This year, social media played a bigger role than ever before and we were able to use online tools to watch, share and analyse the conversation.

TCC13 Twitter Dashboard

We promoted three different hashtags:

  • #tcc13 – this is the main hashtag for anything to do with conference
  • #tccTunes – we have a DJ playing at various times during the conference. People could request tunes with this hashtag
  • #tccRumors – this is something we’ve done for several years now. It’s a fun way for people to spread untrue rumors ahead of and during the conference.

This year's total of 10,397 tweets is 60% more than last year at San Diego (click here to see the #TCC12 twitter tracker). We were even trending on Twitter during the Tableau Keynote on Monday afternoon.

And did we analyse the data? You bet we did. Social data is a great fit for Tableau Public – it’s something anyone can collect and analyse. For our data harvesting and enrichment, we used Datasift. It’s an immensely powerful platform that enriches data from many social platforms. Tableau Public's team member Mike Klaczynski built this year’s twitter tracker dashboard. It was very popular at our Social Command Centre throughout the week of the conference.

Do you want to do this kind of analysis? If you do, you’re going to need to get hold of the data; for #TCC13, we focussed on Twitter, but the conversation is also happening on other networks such as Instagram and Facebook. If you want to know more about how to use Datasift and Tableau to analyse your social data, check out the webinar "Blending Social and Business Data for Better Business".

Datasift is great value but if you need to do harvest your data at no cost, you can always try scraping the data yourself. We did some blog posts on this last month that you should check out. These services will allow you to get hold of a more limited dataset that may well be adequate for what you need:

Finally: the most retweeted tweet? Possibly not what you'd expect:

Are you analysing your social data? Let us know what you have done, or would like to do, with social media data.