Your Tableau Design Tips

on October 29, 2013

I hope you all have enjoyed Tableau Design Month. It was really exciting for us here at Tableau Public to read all the great tips, thoughts, and advice our talented authors had to share in our guest blog post series. Earlier in the month, I invited the Tableau Public community at-large to share their design tips and tweet them using #TableauDesignMonth. I was so impressed with everything you all had to contribute! Thanks for your participation! Here's a round up of the posts shared.

Carl Allchin: Tableau Design Month - Tooltips

Carl Allchin provides some quick tips on formatting tooltips to make them more readable and using them to help guide inexperienced users.

Craig Bloodworth: The Power of a Single Question

Craig Bloodworth's advice to clearly designed dashboard: stick to a single question.

Jonathan Drummey: Lollipops for Healthcare Quality Improvement

Jonathan Drummey reviews the iterative process he used to find the perfect chart type to meet his data design needs.

Emily Kund: Design Skills to Thrill

Emily Kund held her own mini version of the Iron Viz with a focus on eye-catching design.

Jim Wahl: How to Create a Small Multiple Masterpiece in Tableau

Jim Wahl shows us the big effect that small multiples can have.

As promised, one lucky blogger will receive a DATA hoodie for their contribution to Design Month! And the winner is...Emily Kund! Congratulations, Emily! You'll be cozy, fashionable, and nerdy all at the same time in your new DATA hoodie!

If you wrote a post for Design Month that you want included in this list, please let me know!