The Championship Round

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Posted by Jewel Loreeon March 27, 2014

We are just one day away from knowing who will be sitting up on that stage for Iron Viz at the Tableau Conference in Seattle this September! We've tallied up the votes and the two vizzers moving on to the next round are John Mathis and Dan Montgomery! Congratulations guys!

Voting for the Championship starts NOW! It ends tomorrow at 4pm PST! After that we will have our first Iron Vizzer! Good luck John and Dan!


That is just goofy...and smells like a vote rigged event to get Slalom more exposure because they're one of the only partners. 2 people from the same company that is one of the only Tableau partners, and has tons of Slalom employees posting about it everywhere including LinkedIn. Seriously? Boo. :( Yellow snow, Slalom.