The Elite 8 Champion!

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Posted by Jewel Loreeon March 28, 2014

Our first Iron Viz contest of the year has officially come to a close! We started with 32 Contestants. Our team of Tableau judges evaluated all the entries on design, data analysis and storytelling, and overall appeal. The top 8 highest scoring vizzes were then seeded into a bracket. And round after round, your Twitter votes narrowed the field until we had a champion. And the winner of the Elite 8 Sports Viz Contest is...

Congratulations to John Mathis, our first viz contest winner for 2014! John will get to compete in the Iron Viz Competition at the Tableau Conference in Seattle this September with two yet-to-be-chosen champions. If you want to be up there with John, competing for the glory of Iron Viz Champion, check back for our upcoming contests in May and July. The next Viz contest will have the theme "Quanitfied Self." Check out this blog post for some ideas on ways you can collect personal data for the next contest!

Thanks for everyone who participated in voting and for all the brave and talented Tableau Public vizzers that submitted to the contest. Here's a roundup of all the submitted vizzes for your viewing pleasure: