A Home for Every Viz

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Posted by Ben Joneson March 20, 2014

We're excited to announce the launch of viz home pages today. Going forward, every viz will have its own home page on the Tableau Public site, not just Viz of the Day winners and vizzes in the Gallery.

What does it include?

To start with, the viz home page will include the viz itself, navigational chrome, the title of the viz, the author's name, descriptive text, the names of the unhidden Sheets, the date the workbook was last updated, and the total number of views to date - similar to what you get when you visit a YouTube video page or a SlideShare presentation.

Here's an example viz home page. Click the image below to go to the page itself:

Viz home page example

Reviewing and making changes

After publishing your viz, check it out on your author profile page. You can see the viz home page for your new viz there, and make changes to the description and settings. Any changes you make will go into effect immediately. If there's a Sheet name you'd rather not show, just hide the Sheet in the workbook and re-save to Public and it won't appear on your viz home page anymore.

See the Tableau Public Help Page for full instructions about how to edit your viz home page.

How visitors will find your viz home page

Viewers will arrive at the viz home page for your viz from 1) search engine results pages, 2) your author profile page or 3) a social share link. If you'd rather send visitors to your own page (such as the page on which the viz has been embedded), you can add a permalink from your author profile page and items 2 and 3 above will take them to the raw viz in a "lightbox" over the permalinked page instead, Click this link to see what the lightbox + permalink experience is like.

Hiding your viz from search engines

We understand that sometimes you're not quite ready to put your viz in the spotlight. For such cases, just hide your viz from your author profile page - search engines won't be able to crawl it while a viz is in the hidden state. Then, when it's ready for prime time, just show it on your author profile page, and we'll do what we can to make sure it has its day in the sun.

It's still our hope that authors will embed vizzes on their own site as a primary method of sharing, so why did we do this?

How does it help?

There are a few ways in which these new viz home page experience will improve the experience for both authors and readers:

  1. It will eliminate the odd experience of visiting a website from a shared link with nothing but a raw viz and no other context
  2. It will give our authors an SEO boost, as search engine crawlers will be able to more easily find metadata about the viz
  3. For authors who prefer to share their viz on our site rather than their own, the experience for readers will be much better
  4. It's the first step of many toward a more collaborative Tableau Public site (we're considering adding functionality such as like, comment, follow, etc.)

Hey, what happened to my iframe?

If you've been embedding your vizzes using an iFrame or other custom code instead of the standard embed code, then you'll need to make a simple change by adding the following parameter to the end of the viz URL (without the quotes) - "&:showVizHome=no" (use "?:showVizHome=no" if there are no other URL parameters after the dashboard name in the URL).

If you need more information about how to handle vizzes within iFrames, see this blog post, and check out our knowledge base article for more detailed instructions.

We hope you're excited about a "home for every viz", and we're looking forward to seeing what you publish. It just won't feel like home without you.