March is Sports Viz Month

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Posted by Ben Joneson March 6, 2014

We're really enjoying our monthly blog themes on Tableau Public, and this month our focus shifts from data journalism to a favorite subject of many: Sports. We're excited to announce that March is #SportsVizMonth.

Many analysts like Lee Mooney apply their professional skills and talents to sports in their free time. The reason is simple: sports are increasingly data-rich, and we tend to be fanatical about our favorite teams. Sports are woven into the fabric of every culture on the planet. Contrary to how it may feel at times, sports isn't everything, but they are a fundamental part of the human experience.

Regular Viz of the Day Winners

Visualizations about sports data are regular winners of Viz of the Day honors, including this medley which features vizzes by Paul Banoub, Steven Carter, Peter Gilks, FOX Sports Analytics, and Iron Viz champion Ryan Sleeper:

Sports Data Vizzes

What to Expect

Here's what you can expect to see on our blog during SportsVizMonth:

  1. How-to guest posts from some of the top sports-vizzing Tableau Public authors
  2. A sports data contest in last year's "Elite 8" bracketology style
  3. Sports data resources to fuel your contest submissions
  4. A second Google Hangout session where we'll chat with our guest bloggers of the month

What do we mean by "Sports"?

We're choosing to define "sports" rather broadly in this context. Is chess a sport? Sure, we'll take it. If you've competed in a tournament, you might agree. What about drum corps? That's in, too. I can't rule it out since I've never carried a tuba in the Rose Parade.

To give you an idea of how broadly sports can be defined, wood chopping, kick the can and the three-legged race are all included in the Wikipedia page entitled "List of Sports", among many others. Even Scrabble is on the list - as a "Table Sport". It seems we're not alone in being this inclusive.

Get Involved!

To everyone who wants to get involved and participate in the dialog on social media, use the hashtag #SportsVizMonth to tweet a link to your favorite sports viz, one you've just published, or a source of data for others to mine. And look for the Iron Viz contest announcement early next week. We're excited to see who will compete on the stage at our customer conference this year.

Let's play ball,