Where to Find Sports Data

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Posted by Ben Joneson March 12, 2014

Earlier this week we announced that we're taking submissions for the Sports Viz Contest. Submissions are open until March 21st. If you're thinking of entering, you'll need sports data to viz with, so today's blog post is for you if you're still looking.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to enter the contest, I highly recommend you do so. The winner gets to compete on stage at the Tableau Customer Conference in Seattle this coming September. I had the privilege of competing in the 2012 Iron Viz contest against Adam McCann and eventual champion Anya A'Hearn, and it had a huge impact on me.

If that was enough to excite you, then here's a viz that allows you to search and find websites with sports data for over a dozen different sports:

Help us add more

We're pretty sure that this first version is only scratching the surface of all of the sports data sites out there. There's a good chance you know of a great site that isn't included, or even a favorite sport for which we haven't yet found data. You can help! We'd like to crowd-source the growth of this viz, and if you know of a great sports data site, you can contribute in one of two ways:

  1. Tweet it to us @tableau using the hashtag #SportsVizMonth, or
  2. Fill out the three simple fields in the Google Form below and click "Submit".

Thanks for helping us make this a useful resource,