Mac and More: Tableau Public 8.2 Launches

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Posted by Ben Joneson June 18, 2014

Today we're pleased to announce that the newest version of Tableau Public, version 8.2, is available on Windows and Mac! Tableau Public is the free version of our revolutionary software that we make available to anyone wanting to tell engaging stories with public data on the web.

A free 14-day trial of Tableau Desktop 8.2 is also available.

Tableau Public on the Mac

Tableau Public 8.2 looks and functions great on the Mac, supporting high-resolution Retina displays and incorporating Mac-specific controls. Tableau Public for the Mac has long been at the top of our users' wish list, and we're excited about what this launch means for authors across the globe, from the newsroom to the classroom.

More than just being available on the Mac, Tableau Public 8.2 also features a number of game-changing advances for those seeking to tell engaging stories with data on the web:

Story Points

With Tableau Public Stories, you can create a sequence of Story Points that walk your reader through the narrative arc in your data. Both Sheets and Dashboards can be added as Story Points, and you can emphasize key insights in each Story Point by adding annotations, highlights and filters.

Here's an example, and you can read more about the new Story Points feature in our recent blog post 8.2 Preview: Story Points.

New Map Designs

Take a look at our Viz of the Day page, and you'll immediately notice how important maps are to our authors. They're important to us too, so we teamed up with Stamen to give our maps a major overhaul in Tableau Public 8.2. We've switched to OpenStreetMap data, which is open source and highly detailed at a local level worldwide. We've also added support for high DPI displays - Tableau maps never looked so good.

See for yourself with this comparison, and you can read more about our new maps in our recent blog post 8.2 Preview: Mapping.

New Visual Data Window

With our redesigned data connection experience, it's never been easier to connect to multiple tables, add joins with one click, and preview your data to make sure you've got what you need. You can also modify field properties, add data source filters, and extract your data.

Here's a screen shot, and you can also watch a video about the new data connection experience in our recent blog post 8.2 Preview: Visual Data Window.

Launch Activities

In conjunction with the launch of Tableau Public 8.2, we'll be kicking-off our 3rd and final Iron Viz feed-in contest in early July. Entrants will be challenged to submit a Tableau Public workbook that makes use of the Story Points feature, so get a head-start and polish your storytelling skills.

We'll also be showing how to create and publish workbooks with Story Points in our Introductory Training webinars each Friday for the coming month. Join our next webinar this coming Friday at 9:30am PT to see how to build the Story above.

Lastly, we're starting three new cohorts of our 5 week "Tableau for Data Journalism" online course for journalists staring on July 7th. We're accepting applications for the courses starting now, so if you're affiliated with a newsroom, be sure to fill out the form to be considered for the program.

Share Your Story

What's your favorite 8.2 feature? We'd like to know, so tweet it using the hashtag #showandtell. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing the story you have to tell.