World Cup 2014 Round-Up

Posted by Tara Walkeron June 12, 2014

Today is the start of #WorldCup2014! With the abundance of data about the World Cup, many amazing vizzes have been popping up on a wide range of topics - historical, predictive and team level. In honor of these vizzes, we wanted to highlight a few created with data regarding the World Cup.

1. Post Group Play

La Nacion takes a look at each goal scored this year in group play. See the breakdown of the goals scored by team, player and minute scored.

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Mac Bryla explores the world cup quarter finalist attacking stats in both 2010 and 2014.

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2. Predictive

ESPN Staff shows each country's group stage odds according to ESPN's Soccer Power Index. Use this viz to predict which teams will make it past group play.

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The Tico Times investigates each team's odds of qualifying for the knockout round. Be sure to utilize the filter to see the odds for several different metrics.

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3. Historical

With the buzz around the World Cup, I (Tara Walker) created a historical viz to explore which countries notoriously perform best in the World Cup. Not only can you see the totals of various stats for the 32 teams, but you can also inspect the stats at a "per game" level.

4. Distance Between Group Stage Game Sites & Players

Zack Gorman shows the distance between group stage game sites in Brazil. Also, use the second tab to see player stats in each group.

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5. Players

La Nacion explores where the 736 players choose to play when not partaking in the World Cup. See where the majority of the 736 players choose to play professional soccer.

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If you have created, or are planning to make, a viz about the World Cup, please send it our way!