And the winner is...

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Posted by Jewel Loreeon July 25, 2014

A huge thank you and big congratulations to all the contestants in our final Iron Viz feeder contest, the Storytelling Viz Contest! We asked you to put together amazing data stories and you definitely delivered. Make sure you check out all the entries to see some fine examples of the Storypoints feature in Tableau Public 8.2

We asked you to get on Twitter and vote for your favorite viz using special hashtags. The contestant with the most votes was Sambit Tripathy for his viz Earthquakes - In a nutshell. Congrats!

Choosing a winner was a tough decision with so many excellent entries. When all the votes of our panel of judges were tallied up, we had a tie between Jonathan Trajkovic and the legendary Matt Francis. For a tiebreaker, as per the rules, we looked for who had a higher score for overall appeal and the winner was Jonathan Trajkovic! His story on Road Accidents in France wowed our judges with it's clean design and interesting findings.

Jonathan will be joining John Mathis, winner of the Elite 8 Sports Viz Contest last March and Jeffrey Shaffer, the winner of our Quantified Self Viz Contest in Viz Stadium at the 2014 Tableau Conference in Seattle. If you will be at the conference, make sure you come out to Viz Stadium on Thursday, September 11th from 10:45-11:45 to witness the Iron Viz Championship! See you in Seattle!


First off, congratulations to the winners! Will the other contestants be receiving their scores/feedback from the judges?