Mapping Month Round-up

Posted by Tara Walkeron August 28, 2014

#MappingMonth has been a huge success! With a wide range of content from tutorials to applications of mapping data in Tableau, we have seen a lot of great work done by the Tableau Public community.

Check out the guest blog posts from this month:

  1. Flight Data in the UK: Craig Bloodworth of The Information Lab maps the UK airspace. Be sure to figure out which skies in the UK are the busiest! Click the image below to interact with the viz.

    Click the screenshot to explore the viz
  2. Capturing Animation: shows how to capture animation in a Tableau map to show on the web. Find out more details here!

Other mappers in the Tableau Public community:

  1. Ramon Martinez, a 2013 Tableau Zen Mastoer, of Health Intelligence frequently maps health data to see the spread of disease, earthquakes, and many other topics! Check out a few of his recent vizzes that have won Viz of the Day: Chikungunya Virus Outbreak, Tracking West Africa's Ebola Outbreak, Tracking Ebola in Africa.
  2. Anya A'Hearn, the 2012 Iron Viz Champion, of Datablick has made some amazing vizzes with maps. Check out her recent work on vizzes about the city of San Francisco, both of which have won Viz of the Day: Bay Area Bike Share and Stairs of the City.
  3. For #TableauTipsMonth, Anya A'Hearn, Craig Bloodworth, and Allan teamed up up to create Custom Mapping Mayhem.

See what the Tableau Public team has posted:

  1. Design tips: 4 Quick Design Tips for Maps from Jewel Loree about how to make your maps look more readable and visually stunning.
  2. Alternate map projections: Ben Jones brings us some fun with alternate map projections. Follow along with this tutorial on how to create more map projections than the default Web Mercator.

  3. Custom Polygon Maps - Mapping and Filtering: Andrew Cheung gives us a tutorial on mapping with custom polygons and filtering. Have you ever wondered how to filter across blended datasets? This post will show you how!
  4. From GPS to Viz: another post from Ben that shows how to go from GPS to a viz in 7 steps! Check out some of the awesome trails that Ben has hiked in the greater Seattle area.
  5. Maps of Seattle: I gathered up some of the vizzes that Tableau employees have made about Seattle. From vizzes about coffee shops to biking, see where we recommend going when in Seattle!

Thank you to everyone who followed along for #MappingMonth! We had a lot of fun seeing all of the amazing work being done with Tableau maps and with mapping in general. In fact, in honor of mapping month, we took a little field trip to Pike Place Market to visit Metzger Maps. We explored Metzger and came away with two awesome maps that are now up in our office.