Fanalytics 2014: Feed your Passion for Data

Posted by Tara Walkeron October 2, 2014

One may think that basketball, the Partridge Family, and Seattle street accidents have nothing in common. However, a shared thread between each of these is DATA and the desire to have fun by learning more from the data!

Fanalytics seeks to bring these data-lovers (or data rockstars) together to encourage the continued discussion and presentation of vizzes on the web. In its third installment this year, we had a lot of fun with #data14fanalytics!

Three Presentations from Tableau Public Authors

To kick off the event, we heard from three Tableau Public authors - each passionate about a different type of data. Didn't make it to Fanalytics this year? Don't worry! Each of our three presenters have provided their slides for your enjoyment.

  • Troy Heerwagen of showed us how to make discoveries with three different types of data: energy, Seattle traffic accidents and data on his daugher's first year!

  • Kyle Biehle of walked us through how to get personal with your audience along with some of his favorite music and pop culture vizzes.

  • Carl Allchin of gave us a glimpse into his love for basketball, but more specifically: the San Antonio Spurs.
    Click the image below to view with the slides:

Group Activity

After being inspired by our three presenters, we challenged the people attending Fanalytics to find a group and create a viz using data about UK billboard chart toppers. Oh and did I mention that we only gave them 45 minutes? After time was up, 8 groups submitted a viz with each group answering a slightly different question.

And the winning group is... Will Jones and Eric Shiarla of Interworks! Click the image below to check out the winning viz:

Thank you to everyone who attended Fanalytics this year. If feeding your passion for data is something that interests you, we recommend finding some data and sharing your work with others!