It's Politics Month! #VizTheVote

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Posted by Dash Davidsonon October 9, 2014

It’s politics month! With the midterm elections coming up at the beginning of November, it seemed like the perfect time to do politics month - #VizTheVote! We will feature a wide-range of politically-themed content this month, from how-to/tutorials to guest blog posts and content from our very own Tableau Public team. We're excited - and you should be too!

#VizTheVote Line-Up

  • Be sure to check out our Viz of the Day page, as many of the vizzes we highlight will be politically themed.
  • Get ready to learn from guest-blogger Jim Miller of The Sacramento Bee about how to use custom shapes maps to illustrate state-legislature level elections.
  • Keep your eyes out for a post from Tara Walker about using polls in political vizzes.
  • Jewel Loree will write about gathering data from government repositories like and how to avoid common pitfalls in constructing your political datasets.
  • UK local - and the Tableau Public team's newest member Sophie Sparkes will investigate the recent Scottish Referendum digging deep down into the voting data.
  • Follow along as Ben Jones will show how to navigate Congressional districts in your vizzes through an analysis of tight mid-term elections.
  • Dash Davidson will revisit the 2000 Presidential Election and focus on Florida, analyzing the county-level electoral data from the pivotal swing-state in the Bush v. Gore recount controversy.
  • A lot of amazing work on politics and voting has already been done in the Tableau Public community. We'll re-highlight some of these posts, such as U.S. President's Performance Comparison by Sneh Agarwal. Or Legislative Elections in Argentina from La Nacion Newspaper in Argentina. And we are always looking for new Tableau Public vizzes to feature, so go out and #VizTheVote!

Get Involved!

If you see an awesome Tableau political viz, tell us about it by using #VizTheVote. Tweet it! Who knows, we may highlight the viz as viz of the day or in one of our #VizTheVote round-up blog posts! If you have an idea or suggestion for a politics month blog post, email us at

I personally love following politics and drawing insight from political datasets with Tableau... so naturally I love vizzes that analyze politics! Check out the following viz - one of my all-time favorites - by Colin Gordon of The Atlantic. Hopefully it will whet your viz-appetite for politics month!