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#Indyref and Creating Pop-Up Charts in Tableau

For #VizTheVote month I wanted to take a closer look into what has arguably been one of the biggest political events this year in the UK – the Scottish independence referendum (the outcome: on 18...
9 months ago

Mapping California's Legislative Districts

Editor's note: a huge thanks to Jim Miller of The Sacramento Bee for contributing this guest blog post. California’s campaign season might seem a little sleepy from the perspective of...
9 months ago

Collecting and Joining Congressional Voting Data

A lot of people don't know this but before I entered the world of Pokemon and Hello Kitty visualizations, I actually did some serious data work. I interned at a thinktank in Arizona helping them do...
9 months ago

Reviziting Bush, Gore, & Florida

It’s politics month here at Tableau Public! We are preparing for Election Day in the US (November 4th people, mark your calendars!) with our #VizTheVote theme, and so we thought we would write some...
9 months ago

Senatorial Actions

For #VizTheVote month, I found some surface level data about the 100 United States Senators – name, party, class, and website. At first, I wasn’t sure of what kind of viz to make because there were...
9 months ago

It's Politics Month! #VizTheVote

It’s politics month! With the midterm elections coming up at the beginning of November, it seemed like the perfect time to do politics month - #VizTheVote! We will feature a wide-range of...
9 months ago

Fanalytics 2014: Feed your Passion for Data

One may think that basketball, the Partridge Family, and Seattle street accidents have nothing in common. However, a shared thread between each of these is DATA and the desire to have fun by...
10 months ago
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