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Tapestry 2015 Announcement

We are happy to announce the third installment of the Tapestry conference on storytelling with data: Tapestry 2015. It will take place on March 4 in Athens, GA. Following the tradition of the last...
9 months ago

Capturing Animation in Tableau Maps

Editor's note: This #MappingMonth guest blog post was written by Allan Walker of Allan is a 2013 Tableau Zen Master and is a mapping expert in Tableau! Take a look at...
9 months ago

Viz as Art Contest

Tableau is all about helping people see and understand their data. And sometimes seeing and understanding data means creating not only insightful visualizations, but really stunning ones, too. The...
9 months ago

From GPS to Viz: Hiking Washington's Trails

Since moving to the Seattle area in early 2013, we've been doing our best as a family to tromp our way through the lush, scenic trails around us, guided by a helpful little orange book entitled "Best...
9 months ago

Destination Data: Maps of Seattle

Tableau Conference (TC14) is coming to Seattle! In preparation for TC14, Tableau employees (including myself) have been making vizzes about the best places to visit while in Seattle. Check out the...
9 months ago

It's Mapping Month!

It’s mapping month! With the new and improved maps in 8.2, it seemed like the perfect time to have mapping month! We have rebuilt the maps from scratch in-house to now include a much faster and...
9 months ago

Story Types: A Thought-Starter

{Note: a version this blog post was also published on the DataRemixed blog.} Every data set contains a myriad of stories. I'm using the word "story" in a liberal way here, not necessarily in...
9 months ago
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