Regular dispatches from the Tableau Public Team.

Visualizing More Than Five Million Flights

May 2015 has been #10xMonth because we've increased the amount of data that you can visualize and publish using Tableau Public from 1 million rows to 10 million rows. Visualizing airline on-time...
2 months ago

1.7M Rows of Fish Catches and the Birth of Fisheries Management

Now that we can analyze up to 10 million rows of data, it's time to share a story with you that’s dear to my heart--the birth of fisheries management. If you enjoy eating seafood, effective fisheries...
2 months ago

10x Data Viz Contest

Time really does fly when you are having fun... it's already time for another Iron Viz feeder contest! Every year, a series of three Tableau Public contests are held to select the three contestants...
2 months ago

Global Crop Production

Last spring, when I was still enshrouded in the cocoon of academia, I took a course in my Earth Systems department called Feeding Nine Billion. During this course we learned all about the global food...
2 months ago

5.5 Million Rows of Baby Name Data

Now that Tableau Public supports datasets up to 10 million rows, a few of us on the Tableau Public team thought we'd try our hands at some fantastically large datasets. To kick it off, I used the...
2 months ago

Premium Features for Everyone

The purpose of Tableau Public has always been to create a platform for people to share data and visualizations on the web. Sometimes, the vizzes we want to share are sensitive and we have to be...
2 months ago

Intro to Level of Detail Expressions

If you’ve looked at any Tableau 9.0 material, you’ve likely seen the phrase “LOD Expressions”. Don’t be afraid! Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions can be extremely fun, and powerful, to work with....
3 months ago
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