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Action Month Blog Roundup

Thanks for joining and participating in Action Month! We hope that this month inspired you to think more about how you are utilizing interactivity in your Tableau Public dashboards and how dashboard...
1 month ago

The Chronicles of the Red Devils: The highlight, the filter, and the URL action

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Shweta Savale, Co-founder & Head of Client Engagement at Syvylyze Analytics LLP Interactivity is to a visualization what visualization is to a...
1 month ago

Creating Custom Slide Presentations with Tableau

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to present some of my data visualization work at the inaugural Tapestry Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I wanted to create a custom interactive presentation...
2 months ago

5 Awesome Things to Embed with URL Actions

URL actions are one of the most powerful tools for creating uniquely interactive dashboards in the Tableau Public author’s tool box. I’m constantly surprised with all the creative uses that people...
2 months ago

Using Custom Shapes as Dashboard Filters

Filters are one of the most powerful tools available to a data researcher. The ability to drill down into a dataset and analyze only the subset that is most relevant to a question can help solve even...
2 months ago

Announcing the Winners of the 10x Data Viz Contest

Thanks to all the participants of our second Iron Viz feeder contest. We are happy to announce we have another champion joining us in Las Vegas in October. The winner of the 10x Data Viz Challenge is...
2 months ago

A Rough Guide to Dashboard Actions

Editor's Note: This is a repost of an article by Peter Gilks on his blog, Paint by Numbers. As you probably can tell by now, I really enjoying building data visualisations in Tableau....
2 months ago
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